Headband Slowly



The Slowly band is a timeless product, made in accordance with the values professed by the brand, i.e. zero waste – zero waste.

It’s an ethical, economic, and visionary goal that helps people emulate sustainable natural cycles where all discarded materials are destined to become resources. Everyone can be more eco-friendly, and this is what we want to offer our customers by continuing the idea of zero waste and thus creating a collection of wristbands that are created in such a spirit.

Each of the bands is made by hand, with the greatest attention to every detail from materials that are not specially prepared for this purpose, but from elements of material certified in the author’s print remained when cutting the clothing collection.

Each band is decorated with a jewelry medal with the brand logo and each model is available in a limited amount.

Zero waste in life is a well-thought-out choice, it is a care for the environment to eliminate the harmfulness of waste and materials, reduce their volume, process and recover.

We, as a clothing brand, put our whole heart into making our products in the spirit of slow fashion, eco eashion and zero waste. Let’s take care of the planet together…

Size : one size

Manufactured with attention to every detail in Poland.


one size